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BMW: Conquesting for Pole Position
Industry - Automotive Gold, Nexus - Strategic Vision Silver
BMW Group New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Simon Breed, Hamish Travers and Kenton Osmond
Nominee Credits
Steve Christie, Greg Hedgpeth and Kelly Allen
Additional Credits
Mark Wilson, Lauren Sigamoney and Darryl Wong
Entry Rationale
BMW's goal was market leadership in NZ. With key new models launching and a young product line-up, the opportunity was good.

Over the final quarter of 2011 and into 2012, a number of new vehicles were to be launched: the all-new BMW 1 Series, the all-new BMW 3 Series, the MINI Countryman and all-new BMW M5. Each of these would contribute to BMW's overall positioning, bringing their own character to the mix.

However, from a direct marketing perspective a big challenge was looming. From May 2011, LTNZ data would no longer be updated. This had been used extensively for conquest targeting in the industry. With the imminent removal of access to this, BMW needed to find a new way of targeting its conquest activity.

Direct marketing’s contribution was regarded as vital, so the Pole Position Strategy was developed focusing on improving conquest of new customers.

Over the last 12 months, the strategy has evolved to provide the life-blood of BMW’s conquesting activity. It has dramatically improved insight into vehicle ownership behaviour and the influence of brand. Since October 2011, it has contributed to vehicle sales across a number of product launches and tactical sales campaigns.

Those on the prospecting programme are twice as likely to buy a BMW or MINI as those excluded. The insight it provides enables more timely, accurate and personal communications, achieving as much as 3.3% sales conversion in one campaign and gaining an impressive ROI throughout.