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BlueBiz Rewards Customer Acquistion Campaign
Channel - Direct Response TV & Radio Bronze
Warehouse Stationery
Entrant Credits
Liz Adams, Ben Chandler and Jeremy Clark
Nominee Credits
Caroline Clarke and Rex Pearce
Entry Rationale
Kiwi retailer Warehouse Stationery had replaced their clunky old paper-based account system with the nifty new BlueBiz Account Card that earns you rewards points with every purchase.

But while existing business customers loved their convenient new card, the rest of New Zealand business did not know it existed.  It was invisible to them.  

With a budget tighter than the proverbial fish’s chuff, a Direct Response TV Campaign was launched to acquire an additional 1500 new business account cards. The strategic business case for Warehouse Stationery’s Account Card quite literally became the creative solution.  

Small business owners were treated to a light-hearted and funny parody of a business power point presentation….on their TV screens!  It was a humorous and disruptive approach that had not been seen before, with a compelling call to action to drive response.  

The results were extraordinary. This humble, Direct Response TV campaign overachieved its targets on every measure, making the channel the new ‘control’ for BlueBiz customer acquisition.