Yellow Chocolate
Yellow Chocolate
RSVP Craft Best Integration Runner-Up
Colenso BBDO
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran, Aaron Turk
Nominee Credits
Kellie Nathan, Lucy Cameron, Maree Lawrence
Entry Rationale
On the first week of March 2010, an ordinary Kiwi bloke sold 100,000 bars of Yellow Chocolate, creating New Zealand’s fastest ever chocolate bar launch.

But YELLOW® weren’t selling chocolate bars. Instead, this was the culmination of a campaign to prove to New Zealanders that YELLOW® is still the best way to get any job done, showcasing their more modern online and mobile products in action.

Five and a half months earlier, Josh Winger was challenged to create the world’s first chocolate bar that tasted of the colour yellow, and he did it using 45 businesses from YELLOW’s online, mobile and print products.

The campaign used an array of participatory media to reach and involve as many New Zealanders as possible, integrating over 20 media touchpoints spanning online, social networking, TV content partnerships and PR.
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Yellow Chocolate
Yellow Chocolate