Wake Up Smart
Wake Up Smart
RSVP Internal Bronze
RAPP Tribal
ANZ National Bank
Entrant Credits
Jason Hall, Kathy Riley, Erin Gallacher, Sean Keaney
Nominee Credits
Matt Gardner, Matt Wooster, Mike Hansen, Kaye Francis
Entry Rationale
Getting staff in behind the launch of a VISA Debit card six years after their competitors was always going to be a challenge.  They’d lost faith after a number of false starts and broken promises and they’d witnessed lots of their customers become tired of waiting and taking up other banks’ cards.  And it had to be launched in the month before Daffodil Day – when staff would be heavily involved in fundraising activity.  VISA Debit was also not part of the staff incentive scheme so lateral thinking had to be used for getting the teams fired up.

But they were pivotal to the success of the Debit card and their support was needed.

So the campaign was all about them with the focus on turning the bank’s largest sales force (front line staff) into advocates through a month-long programme of communication, surprises and incentives, which were delivered pre, during and post launch campaign, the likes of which they’d never experienced before.

The staff were made into Customers, treating them with the same precision, care and thought that is given to external campaigns.

Did it work?   You bet it did!
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Wake Up Smart
Wake Up Smart