Vodafone Customer Engagement Programme
Vodafone Customer Engagement Programme
Nexus CRM and Data Management Gold, RSVP Craft Best Data Strategy Winner
Affinity ID
Vodafone New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Glenn McMillan, Oscar van Dijk, Angela Legge, Kirsty Grant, Sarah Bradfield, Sam Low, Barend Bootha
Nominee Credits
Justine Murchison, Sally Gordon, Kursten Shalfoon, Josh Bain, Claire Hurman, Natalie Sutherland
Entry Rationale
The Vodafone Customer Engagement Programme (CEP) drives customer retention and engagement through the delivery of email communications that achieve the highest level of personalisation. Affinity ID produced a platform that can be used to manage all retention communications to Vodafone’s residential home base through the delivery of one email each month.

CEP emails provide a summary of product and usage information and also present the top three service and promotional messages as uniquely prioritised for each customer, resulting in a high degree of personalisation.

Selection of the three hero messages is achieved by scoring each message on its relevance to individual customers based on lifecycle segment (e.g. At Risk, New, Grow), product penetration and usage over a three month period. An overlay of business and market priorities then determines which three messages a customer sees, and in which order.

Measurement of product uptake and email engagement allows for the continual development of messages for more specific customer behaviours and segments.
The result has been a return on investment of 650% and an improvement of 85% on the annual churn reduction forecast.
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Vodafone Customer Engagement Programme