V Pocket Rocket
V Pocket Rocket
RSVP Customer Engagement Gold
Colenso BBDO
Frucor Beverages
Entrant Credits
Angela Watson, Nick Worthington, James Hurman, Karl Fleet, Jen Storey, Jessica Blake, Dave Munn, Jo Wealleans, Stefanie Robertson, Tim Ellis
Nominee Credits
Iaan Buchanan, Sean Wiggans, Joel Reichardt, Debbie Fell, Ursla Wiig, Aisha Daji Punga
Entry Rationale
With a highly progressive campaign built on fresh insight, V made its way further into the conversations and behaviour of young New Zealanders in 2010.

V’s brand campaign and launch of their ‘Pocket Rocket’ energy shot created enormous sales growth with year-on-year sales improving considerably, demonstrating an ROI of $2.81 on every $1.00 spent. More remarkable was that this improvement over a non-recessionary period the year before was created in a recession.

V’s Pocket Rocket campaign brought V market share domination of the new ‘energy shot’ segment despite being last to market. It drove a huge increase in sales across all other V products, delivering 33% volume growth during the campaign period and contributing to a share increase of four points in a growing category. The campaign significantly improved the brand’s levels of ‘cool’, preference, engagement and conversation among its target, stealing V’s biggest ever march on Red Bull and recorded its highest ever NZ scores on multiple communications measures.
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V Pocket Rocket
V Pocket Rocket