The Mixandmatcher
The Mixandmatcher
RSVP Customer Engagement Silver, Nexus Media and/or Channel Utilisation Silver
House of Travel
Entrant Credits
Tarver Graham, Guy Trowbridge, Ken Vu, Conrad Blight, Barnaby Marshall
Nominee Credits
Tim Paulsen, Alice Lyon
Entry Rationale
Run exclusively in Facebook, The Mixandmatcher was a hugely popular advergame for House of Travel’s new brand, mixandmatch.  Conceived to deliberately take advantage of Facebook’s ‘social graph’, it delivered an experience which was relevant both to the brand and to the way people engage on this unique channel.

Based on a pokie machine metaphor, players clicked a button to spin three wheels and make a random combination of two travel buddies and one travel prize.  Players could spin as often as they liked for virtually unending combinations of friends and prizes, but they could only enter three times per day.  The experience proved highly addictive and engaging, with average time spent per session of 13 minutes, and many players coming back for second and third entries each day.

At the close of the campaign and after four weeks of diligent spinning for friends and prizes, 76,729 Kiwis had installed The Mixandmatcher on Facebook, and the sheer numbers of hours (37,128 in total) of highly engaged, relevant interactive gameplay contributed to a massive launch success for the new brand.
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The Mixandmatcher
The Mixandmatcher