The Edge Lost in a Box
The Edge Lost in a Box
RSVP Customer Engagement Bronze
MediaWorks Radio
Entrant Credits
Stacy Taylor, Robert Dickey, Leon Wratt, Kally Gallop
Entry Rationale
Never been done before, Lost in a Box was a highly innovative on-air promotion with content that entertained and engaged listeners, delivering longer listening and more time spent online with target audiences.

Lost in a Box was created to promote interaction and engagement with The Edge brand on air and online. Christchurch listener Emma Lewis was challenged to spending 21 days Lost in a Box somewhere in New Zealand for a chance to win $10,000.  The public were set the task of finding her for their chance to win $10,000 as well.

Lost in a Box was an online sensation, captivating The Edge’s audience and generating the best ever online results for  Page impressions increased by 183.67% to 3,787,901 and unique browsers increased by 43.23% to 243,580.

The use of compelling and fresh content – the live web cam stream, constant upload of new videos and ongoing discussion of the clues – engaged users for longer with an increase of 442.68% to 386,792 overall video / live streams and session duration went to 7.13 minutes, an increase of 61.68%

Lost in a Box generated significant media attention – featuring on Campbell Live, in New Idea magazine and in print and online media throughout the campaign.
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The Edge Lost in a Box