Super CIO
Super CIO
RSVP Lead Generation Bronze
Silk Communications
Entrant Credits
Joseph Silk, Tessa Stewart, Grant MacDonald, Andrew Mitchell
Nominee Credits
Luke Meurant, Drew Gilpin
Entry Rationale
Kordia? Never heard of them.  That’s the response from most IT professionals when questioned about this ‘under the radar’ ICT (Information & Communication Technology) company.  With such low brand awareness in a ‘trust brand means everything’ market, it was a tough ask to have CIOs rethink their entire WAN (Wide Area Network) infrastructure.

But that’s exactly what what happened.  CIOs needed to know Kordia offered a WAN product (OnKor).  They needed to know because it might just change the way they do business.

A communication was sent that interrupted their day,  prompted them to take time out, have a smile, and engage with Kordia while learning about their OnKor managed network product.  All this to smooth the way for an approach from the Kordia sales team at a later date.

Knowing the size of the challenge, the mould in the normally staid world of B2B ICT communications was broken.  They were sent something fun, something that appealed to them as people and as IT professionals – and innovative SMP (personalised digital print) technology was used as the killer app to help generate this cut-through.

An extremely positive start to the conversation was attributed to stunning creative utilising XMP to deliver a highly engaging and staggeringly successful campaign:

- a 24% click-through rate from the DM to the personalised URL
- 7.7% of click-throughs converting to appointments
- a 288% ROI
- and comments like this – “The only marketing I have ever taken home to show my wife, plus you now have a lot to live up to but it will mean I will always read something with Kordia’s name on it.”

The Super CIO campaign is a true superhero for Kordia.
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Super CIO