Prado Beginner’s Guide
Prado Beginner’s Guide
RSVP Craft Best Copywriting Runner-Up
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Toyota New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Mike Gwyther, Brett Hoskin
Entry Rationale
The Toyota Landcruiser Prado is a 4-wheel-drive in the 'medium rugged' segment.

The Prado enjoys class-leading technology. To reflect this edge, the vehicle's $85,000 price tag was higher than the competitor's but unfortunately, this had the side-effect of deterring many of the core audience from making a purchase.  The financial turmoil of 2008 and 2009 did not help, creating a general downsizing trend, leaving larger vehicles such as the Prado on the fringe of an ever-decreasing market.

Toyota wanted to try and reverse, or at least stall this trend, by getting both conquests and customers to purchase the all new Landcruiser Prado, increasing dealer sales by 131 for the remainder of 2009 and by a further 326 sales in 2010.

With a budget of just $5 a pack going out to 6,500 the direct mail needed to highlight Prado’s technological advantage, but in a way that appealed more to the right ‘emotional’ side of the brain than the left ‘logical’ side, which could be swayed away from the Prado by its price.  The copy solved this problem by positioning the sporty Landcruiser Prado SUV as a vehicle that ‘makes you feel like you can do just about anything’.

From there The Beginner’s Guide to Rock Climbing, Karate, Swimming Cook Strait, Visiting In-laws, Fire Eating, Lingerie Shopping and Eating Huhu Grubs was born.  The guide book copy took a tongue-firmly-wedged-in-cheek look at how to handle even the most demanding of challenges, all of which were now made easy thanks to the feeling of invincibility you could get from owning a Prado.
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Prado Beginner’s Guide