Mountain Dew Code Red
Mountain Dew Code Red
RSVP Sales Generation / Promotion Silver
Colenso BBDO
Frucor Beverages
Entrant Credits
Steve Cochran, Tim Ellis, Jessica Blake, Steve Hansen, Paul Kim, Aaron Turk, Hayley Pardoe, Angela Watson, Haydn Thomsen, Nigel Sutton
Nominee Credits
Pip Casey, Joanna Hollins, Scott Wright
Entry Rationale
Frucor Beverages and PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew Code Red campaign has created dramatic sales growth for a small brand in an overcrowded market dominated by one player, Coca-Cola.

Although a strong brand internationally, little investment in New Zealand for many years has meant Mountain Dew has been a bit player in the carbonated soft drinks (CSD) market.  But with big aspirations, and investment from PepsiCo International, Frucor Beverages saw an opportunity to drive growth locally through a flavour-led strategy that had worked internationally.  

With the target audience being energetic, passionate about life 14-22 yr old guys who are into music, sport, gaming, but little disposable income, it was recognised that to connect with them you need to strike the right note to hook them in to try the new flavour and bring to life the “Dew” brand personality.

Three Mountain Dew ambassadors were moved into a flat for a day and their adventures filmed as the ripped it up performing tricks on skateboards, BMXs and wakeboards in and around the house.  Using online as the hub, the target market was able to come in and view content, share that content, find surprises and leave their details.  A competition element was created to draw them back in and encouraged them to visit multiple times.

Introduced into New Zealand in June 2010, within 3 months Mountain Dew  had already achieved its core sales objective of 20% growth.  The Code Red campaign:
- Drove 58.6% sales growth for Mountain Dew during the 6wk campaign period
- Created sustainable growth for the brand in the months following, with quarterly MAT sales up to Oct 2010 up 35.9%
- Encouraged participation with the brand, up more than 425% on the digital targets set
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Mountain Dew Code Red
Mountain Dew Code Red
Mountain Dew Code Red
Mountain Dew Code Red