MINI Soho – What’s Your Number?
MINI Soho – What’s Your Number?
Nexus Media and/or Channel Utilisation Gold
BMW New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Leisa Wall, Jane Langley, Fleur Head, Anastasia Potter, Tony Clewett, James Mok, Jared Isle, Kevin Akers, Terri Youngman, Mana Tai, Eric Thompson, Renee Lee, Sonja Corbett, Katie Loverich, Jason Jones, Simon Pengelly, Esther Watkins, Trelise Caughey, Blair Walker, Chris Brooks, Will Pickering, Scott Kelly, Luz Valanzasca, Bex Wells
Nominee Credits
Greg Hedgepeth, Dave Hewitt
Entry Rationale
Is it possible to sell a $50,000 car to someone solely online, without offering a discount, the opportunity to test drive, or getting to see it in the flesh? In a world first, MINI New Zealand proved the answer is yes.

Eschewing accepted thinking that says discounts are needed to sell a luxury product online, DraftFCB instead used perceived scarcity to create enough desire for Kiwis to pay full price. The MINI online store now sells more new MINIs than any other dealership in New Zealand.

The budget and message was deliberately fragmented into 15 integrated ‘mini’ campaigns instead of a traditional, ‘one-product, one-campaign’ approach. Unmonitored and unproven media were used where each channel was selected based on an audience insight. The campaign relied on engagement rather than reach and repetition to deliver results.

This approach paid off.  In the month following the launch of MINI Soho, more visitors went to the website than had visited during the previous 12 months combined.
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MINI Soho – What’s Your Number?
MINI Soho – What’s Your Number?