It’s All About ME–Email Marketing the Telecom Way
It’s All About ME–Email Marketing the Telecom Way
Nexus Marketing Products and Services Bronze
Telecom NZ
RAPP Tribal
Entrant Credits
Anna McLauchlan, Sarah Ennion, Louisa McGregor, Adrian Juke, Brian Norris, Erin Muxlow, Tama McConnell
Nominee Credits
Amy Burgess, Robert Limb, Emma McLean
Entry Rationale
Telecom was finding it harder and harder to keep customers, but at the same time reduce cost to serve.  Because of the XT outages and the fact that the Telecom brand was taking a hit in the media, it became more important than ever to be up front with customers, reengage with them and ultimately retain them.   Telecom had traditionally been very focused on Direct Mail when communicating with their customers.  But in the last year, this all changed.

In an era for purchasing “off the shelf” solutions, Telecom set out to use it’s own internal expertise to develop an email marketing system called M.E (Managing Email), the main benefit of this system was to manage email address collection and automatically collect emails from all online interactions and customer touch points, to help up weight smarter Email Marketing.    At the same time Telecom utilised this system to implement a Broadband enlightenment programme.

Implementing this new system and developing an engaging Broadband enlightenment programme has been a huge success:

- Savings of over $1 million dollars can be attributed to using this low cost channel.
- An 83% increase in email marketing initiatives.
- Grew the email base to over 30% of Telecom fixed line customers.
- Developed a robust, fully automated, “learning” email marketing system.
- Customers were very engaged in the new Broadband Enlightenment programme, using the internet 17% more than the rest of the Broadband base.
- Broadband Engagement had a positive impact on churn with a 9% lower churn rate for Broadband enlightenment customers. Securing over $2 million of revenue through the decrease in churn.
- Achieved a total average open rate 128% above industry standard, an average click through rate 361% above industry standard.

Telecom had clearly succeeded in up weighting it’s Email Marketing by creating it’s own system and giving customers a reason to “Love Telecom”.
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It’s All About ME–Email Marketing the Telecom Way