Immigration New Zealand’s Singapore Pilot
Immigration New Zealand’s Singapore Pilot
RSVP Lead Generation Silver
Rapport Advertising and Marketing
Department of Labour
Entrant Credits
Mary Robbins, Mickey Pillay, Bruce Cattell
Nominee Credits
Victoria Forrest, Jenny Alexander, Kirsty Ryan
Entry Rationale
To address the need for more overseas talent, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) research concluded that 23% of migrants who come to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Scheme visa return to live here, becoming part of our skilled workforce. And it showed a good opportunity to find young professionals from Singapore.  

A trial campaign was developed aimed at Singaporeans who would fit criteria specific to the Work Exchange Programme visa.

This was the first time INZ worked with its research arm, International Migration Settlement and Employment Dynamics (IMSED), to identify an international opportunity to market to, and find, a pocket of skilled labour. It was the first time INZ conducted a contained trial to a specific country. And, it was the first time INZ set up web pages with content catering to the needs of a specific geographic area.

This trial was a huge success across all measures:
- It exceeded all objectives registering enormous interest from educated, skilled, young Singaporeans
- The 7000+ registrants were attracted at a media cost of less than $2.00 each; making this the most cost-effective campaign ever run by INZ
- The learnings are now shaping new strategies for INZ, Tourism New Zealand, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and even Ministry of Economic Development about how to attract specific skills within the Singaporean market (ie teachers) and high value investors.
- This campaign has resulted in a 76% year-to-date increase in Work Exchange Visas over 2008/2009.
- Further, positive PR unexpectedly resulted in Singaporean press and tv, indicating the research was correct – Singapore is a country interested in exploring all that New Zealand has to offer.
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Immigration New Zealand’s Singapore Pilot