Farmers Beauty Club extreme makeover
Farmers Beauty Club extreme makeover
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Farmers Trading Company
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Lou Kivell, Amy Morrison, Drew Ayers, Mari Pettersson, Krystyna Walters, Anna Danby
Nominee Credits
Dean Cook, Catherine Webster, Tiffany Bax, Deb Summers, Rahul Abhyankar
Entry Rationale
With a net gain of only 30,000 active members in four years, and no significant additional sales penetration, the ten-year-old Farmers Beauty Club was stagnating. Then in 2010, Farmers made major changes that included a new dynamic segmentation model, the introduction of new lifecycle elements, revamped creative, and the widening of the rewards offering.

Beauty Club now has a new lease on life with membership rising by an average of 8,000 per month, with active members up 26.43% year-on-year. Category sales in Beauty are up 6% year-on-year and a whopping 71% of all Beauty World sales are now made to members (up 12% from 59% in 2009).  And 49% of Beauty Club members are now shopping monthly for fashion compared to 29% in December 2009.

Targeted reactivation campaigns have achieved up to a 35% response rate, and sales ROI on catalogue/statement DM activity has doubled from $15/$1 to $30 for every $1.  
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Farmers Beauty Club extreme makeover