Converting Insights to Sales – Store by Store
Converting Insights to Sales – Store by Store
Nexus Customer and Market Insight Gold
Affinity ID
Progressive Enterprises
Entrant Credits
Dave Mansfield, Nikki Gearing, Will Reader, Anna Reid, Rachel Chen, Jin Zhou
Nominee Credits
Bridget Lamont, Andy Johnson, Shelley Fuller
Entry Rationale
Progressive Enterprises operates 52 stores in Auckland, so a drop in sales in the region was a serious issue. Whether ongoing rebranding to new-generation Countdown stores, a simultaneous programme of inconvenient refurbishments or increasingly cut-throat competition was to blame, a solution needed to be found.

Individual shopping patterns, transaction by transaction, were examined across a 16 week period to find which customer segments had changed behaviour. Interestingly, one store’s 7% downturn was primarily attributed to a change in shopping patterns in a mere 763 households, with 63% of these in the same attitudinal shopping segment.
Above-the-line media was adjusted, underpinned by a dedicated email campaign targeting each store’s catchment.

The results show an outstanding example of insightful data analytics being swiftly applied to a significant business issue. The analytics were conducted and marketing implemented in two weeks.  Within four weeks of intervention, sales in one of the two specific stores had returned to year-on-year growth and at the other store sustained 7.5% year-on-year growth levels were achieved.

The addition of email for store level marketing produced a 402% return on investment.
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Converting Insights to Sales – Store by Store