Broadband Enlightenment
Broadband Enlightenment
RSVP Customer Engagement Silver
RAPP Tribal
Telecom NZ
Entrant Credits
Amy Burgess, Emma McLean, Susan Young, Aaron Goldring, Jason Vertongen, Dave Wilson, Pat Murphy, Sarah Morgan, Katja Green, Ruth Coulson, Maggie Christie
Nominee Credits
Rebecca Brown, Louisa McGregor, Mandy Dwyer, Anna McLauchlan, Simone Iles, Sarah Ennion
Entry Rationale
Last year, Telecom turned the way they approach marketing on its head. They needed to differentiate their broadband service in an increasingly commoditised market and were under attack from more competition than ever before. Driven by an insight that no one was helping kiwis use the Internet to its full potential - especially not their broadband providers - Telecom developed the Broadband Enlightenment (BBE) email programme.  This exclusive programme was designed to increase their enjoyment of the internet, and thus their loyalty to Telecom.

The approach paid off and has been a huge success:
- Over 187,000 kiwis received a BBE email last year
- An ROI of 848% was achieved - every $1 invested in the programme returned $8.48 of retained revenue.
- The more emails they received, the more engaged customers became with a 136% increase in open rate and 300% increase in CTR for customers who received multiple emails.
- Over-achieved the customer churn reduction target by 99%.
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Broadband Enlightenment
Broadband Enlightenment
Broadband Enlightenment
Broadband Enlightenment