2degrees – It’s your number
2degrees – It’s your number
RSVP Customer Acquisition Bronze, RSVP Sales Generation / Promotion Bronze
2degrees Mobile
Entrant Credits
Andy Blood, David Walden, Aaron Taylor, Rebecca Richardson, Julie Maciver, Guy Roberts, Corey Chalmers, Philip O’Neill, Tia Shaw
Nominee Credits
Larrie Moore, Malcolm Phillipps, Trent Harnett, Victoria Parsons, Piero Ligouri, Josie Sutherland
Entry Rationale
The launch of 2degrees in August 2009 was incredibly successful with 96% brand awareness within six months. Although they had become one of New Zealand’s favourite brands, it’s easy to forget that 2degrees was actually still in its infancy and operating in a highly competitive market dominated by a duopoly.

In order to carve out even more market share, 2degrees needed to continue their strong rate of acquisition. They had attracted the lowest hanging fruit at launch, but it was now time to sharpen their focus and target higher value, more profitable customers.

Research indicated that 29% of their target were considering switching to 2degrees. The challenge was turn intention to action.   Powerful insight into human behaviour informed an acquisition strategy that not only accelerated acquisition growth, but resulted in a 14:1 return on investment.

The strategy was to challenge the long-held misperception that switching to another provider meant you had to change your phone number, thus losing touch with family and friends. In a bold, audacious manner 2degrees announced that you can bring your number with you, even the 021 and the 027 bit. To encourage immediate response, a $10 credit was applied to everyone who ‘ported’ their number.

In just over 3 months, 27,706 people brought their number with them to 2degrees. This campaign has had significant effect well beyond the booked media dates. 86% of New Zealanders now know that when you join 2degrees you can take your number with you, and although the campaign is no longer on air, acquisition of people ‘porting’ their number remains strong.