Win a Fence
Win a Fence
RSVP Craft Best Use of Mail Winner
Genesis Energy
Entrant Credits
Tony Clewett, Rob Banks, Laura Goldie, Saffron Byron, Eric Thomson, Matt Scott
Nominee Credits
Sumi King, Annabelle Fowler
Entry Rationale
DraftFCB and Genesis Energy knew they had to kick-start a new rural conversation with their rural business customers, a group targeted by the competition and a group which was also increasingly cost sensitive.
They need to make sure these customers didn’t have a reason to move and they needed to re-activate their relationship with the highest value rural customers.
While most of these customers were big users of mobile and email they also tended to file these away for later and forget about them.
DraftFCB needed to get something tangible and interesting into their hands. So they sent them a fence, or part of one.
Whatever type of rural business the customer was involved with, the chance to win $5000 worth of fence was universally appealing and relevant.
And it was very well received. The response target had been set at 3 percent but, of the packs mailed, an astounding 33 percent of the target audience entered the draw or 1039 percent of target.