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Welcome the World - Giving a Sponsorship Back to N
RSVP Customer Engagement Gold
DDB Group RAPP Tribal NZ
Entrant Credits
Aaron Goldring, Steve Kane, Theunis Groenewald, Toby Talbot, Dave Brady, Joe Hawkins, Teresa Davis, Victoria Meo, Philip Tetley-Jones, Joanne McDonald, David McIndoe, Dan Stoneham, Russell Smith, Scott Gambling, Jane Mill, Judy Thompson, Steve Hansen, Paul Kim, Amani Peleti, Sarah Batley, Maike Blackman, Justine Kinsella, Damon Duncan, Nik Beachman
Nominee Credits
Mike Cunnington, Susan McGregor, Erin Dudding, James Perrin
Entry Rationale

It was a complex campaign but one which resonated with New Zealanders. As the only local brand to become a major sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2011 this presented a unique brand opportunity for ANZ but success was not guaranteed.

The campaign aimed to re-ignite consideration for the brand through the partnership. It needed to stake ANZ’s claim as one of the six global RWC partners, keep up the brand momentum and, in turn, drive value for it through new consideration.

The strategy was to develop a campaign that gave something back to New Zealand, something which made the RWC experience better for New Zealanders and embraced the pride New Zealanders felt with the world coming here.

As the local worldwide partner, ANZ role was to give the RWC back to New Zealanders.

So they asked New Zealand: How would you welcome the world? And collected 6,000 ideas from New Zealanders. The public then voted on the ideas to find five finalists and a final winner. Then ANZ bought his idea to life.

And the results were quite astonishing: One in every 25 New Zealanders visited the competition website, they came back an average of 7.4 times and spent on average 7.6 minutes on the site.

The campaign improved brand consideration by three percent. In turn an exclusive promotion for ANZ customers saw 33,000 entries to nominate a child to accompany the captains of the RWC teams onto the field.