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Vodafone RightForYou Programme
Nexus Marketing Products and Services Gold
Vodafone New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Andrew Marsden, Jin Wan, Celine Gilbert, Simmi Bajaj, David Moss, Andrew Dreghorn, Claire Govier, David McArthur, Justin Casell
Nominee Credits
Stuart Lumsden, David Rimmer, Brett Cox
Entry Rationale

Vodafone operates in an increasingly competitive market full of complex products and services and needed to provide a differentiated service to its customers. The company also needed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of customer facing agents. It also wanted to provide the same service and sales conversations across retail and call centres.

The Vodafone RightForYou programme drives customer loyalty and advocacy through a program that combines a tool to provide product recommendations and personalised advice based on individual customer attributes with a real time contextualisation to ensure that recommendations are timely, rich, relevant and needs based.

It also provides a long term behaviour change programme in retail and service to drive the perception that sales and service are two sides of the same coin – one can’t exist without the other.

RightForYou is described as much more than a cross-sell activity as it focuses on customer needs and on improving Net Promoter Score as part of a one-to-one conversation.

And it showed results. Customer satisfaction was up with the average NPS for calls handled by RightforYou agents showing an increase greater than 10 points higher than non RightForYou agents. This exceeded the business case by 140 percent. Usage of the tools also saw a decrease in the duration of business calls and an increase in average revenue per user.