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Uncluttering the Wallet - the Digital Evolution of
Nexus Innovation Gold
justONE and Altaine
Entrant Credits
Monique Ferguson, Lou Kivell, Ben Goodale, Jo Gelb
Nominee Credits
Jo Reynolds, Danielle Carey
Entry Rationale

In the past couple of years Subway New Zealand has been differentiating itself as a technology leader and this year it went even bigger.  While, last year it launched the iphone App to alleviate “queue stress” this year it moved to take advantage of new mobile platforms and QR code functionality that enables “virtual cards” to be created and stored on a customer’s smart phone.

The company saw loyalty on mobile as a new, exciting opportunity that it wanted to lead. By taking advantage of the QR code functionality the Subway Mobile App has become the first ordering and loyalty App of its kind in New Zealand. Customers can now scan their phones in stores instead of using traditional plastic cards that take up valuable wallet space. It’s a loyalty card on their phone with other ordering functionality as well.

As a result Subway has increased the value of orders put through mobile phones by more than 100 percent in the first six months of going live.