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The Edge Lost in a Box 2 Delivered by Pizza Hut
RSVP Customer Engagement Silver
The Edge
Entrant Credits
Robert Dickey, Emily Hancox, Lee Gilmore, Kally Gallop
Entry Rationale

After the success of the 2010 Lost in a Box campaign, Lost in a Box 2, was brought back to recreate results and increase engagement with The Edge’s radio listeners and pass on the benefits of engagement to the major sponsor, Pizza Hut New Zealand.

Delivering “twice the prizes and twice the surprises” the on air, online and  television content, saw two strangers challenged to spend 21 days lost in a box somewhere in NZ  to win $20,000. The public’s challenge was to find them for the chance to win $10,000.

And it was an online sensation, captivating the audience and generating substantial results including web streams increasing 1265 percent to over a million and page impressions rising 205 percent to nearly three million.

Listening time to the station increased by 11 minutes per week, its Facebook fans jumped 404 percent and Pizza Hut’s Facebook fans rose 156 percent.