Te Hana. Outshine the Ordinary
Te Hana. Outshine the Ordinary
RSVP Sales Generation/Promotion Silver
Entrant Credits
Deborah Cashmore, Abe Dew, James Blackwood, Chris Long, Jessica McColl, Andy Brabant, Stuart Parker
Nominee Credits
Susan Cassidy, Craig Baldie, Jandi Shennan
Entry Rationale

Lion faced many challenges with the launch of Te Hana, including the need to convince value-sensitive buyers to pay more for a new brand when well-known brands were cheaper; the target price segment was shrinking and the sparkling wine market category was in decline.

Te Hana’s communications needed to cut through clutter in the market and promote an unknown brand on a moderate budget.

Its launch campaign used a mix of traditional brand-building media, social media and brand experiences. The strategy built Te Hana’s brand on an idea that could be experienced so advertising alone wasn’t enough.

The solution created a brand journey allowing the target audience to discover how Te Hana fitted with their lives.

And the results were impressive. Sales volume was 21.6 percent ahead of the target and prompted brand awareness reached 18 percent after six months. Profit was 171 percent ahead of budget.