Say No To Naff
Say No To Naff
RSVP Craft Best Integration Winner
Entrant Credits
Kate Heatley, Simon Sievert, Tony Clewett, Antony Bell, Adam Taylor, Melissa Forrest, Jonathon Speed
Nominee Credits
Dennis McKinlay, Helen Player
Entry Rationale

Alex Swney, Jane Stewart, Tash StitchburyInspired Gifts include items such as water kits and anti-malaria drugs that are bought online for children in UNICEF supported countries and are often given on behalf of a family member or friend instead of a gift to that person.

And New Zealanders were wasting money on gifts that weren’t wanted or of no value to the receiver in the belief that was better to get their loved ones something, rather than nothing at all.

The challenge was that people doubted whether their friends and family would be satisfied with a charity gift for Christmas, rather than a material one.
Agency research found that this was not the case. But how would you convince the gift-giver of that?

So DraftFCB flipped the audience on its head and made its primary target the gift receivers, not the gift givers.

Through an integrated campaign, that centred around the traditional hand knitted Christmas jumper, they created the Say No to Naff campaign. Gift receivers could ask their family and friends to save them from a Naff Christmas and buy them an Inspired Gift instead.

All the inspired Gift collateral looked knitted including the first ever knitted billboard.

And the results were impressive. Revenue was up 113 percent, orders were up 141 percent and return on marketing investment was up 189 percent year on year.