Safety Week: Make Sure a Fall Doesn't Ruin Your 20
Safety Week: Make Sure a Fall Doesn't Ruin Your 20
RSVP Customer Engagement Bronze
AIM Proximity
Accident Compensation Corporation
Entrant Credits
Brett Hoskin, Mark Dalton, Mike Gwyther, Jonathan Hales, Jill Pinfold
Nominee Credits
George Langlands, Vicky Upton
Entry Rationale

In New Zealand, more injuries happen at home than at work, on the road or playing sport. The most common cause is slips, trips and falls, which accounted for 41 per cent of ACC home injury claims last year.

Most people don’t know there’s a problem, or don’t think it will happen to them.

Safety Week aims to raise awareness of the problem and lower the risk of home slips, trips or falls occurring.

Primary: a 6% increase awareness amongst our target audience that serious injuries are likely to occur in the home.
Secondary: Increase number of national partners and gain at least 75% ‘external stakeholder satisfaction’ in the post-Safety Week evaluation.
Solution: Rugby World Cup 2011 was a great opportunity to connect our message to something people in NZ care about emotionally – Rugby. But how do you connect such a rough sport to Home Safety?

We had a key insight: everyone in the country was looking-forward to RWC 2011. It would be terrible if you fell off a ladder just before the competition, and then spent the tournament in traction while everyone else was having fun.

The idea: ‘Make sure a fall doesn’t ruin your 2011’ was born.

Getting the All Blacks on-board helped the message spread via PR and be more accepted by our audience.

It also served a deeper purpose, encouraging people to realise that if a fall in the home can happen to the All Blacks – the epitome of strong, healthy masculinity – then it can happen to anyone.

Our one-week campaign exceeded all our main objectives, resulting in a 19% (>3x better than hoped for) increase in awareness of serious injuries occurring in the home.