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PEDIGREE Adoption Drive: Doggelgänger
RSVP Craft Most Innovative Campaign Winner, Nexus Innovation Gold
Colenso BBDO/AIM Proximity
MARS New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Levi Slavin, Aaron Turk, Dave Munn
Nominee Credits
Oliver Downs, Pete Simmons, Aurelia Moly
Entry Rationale

PEDIGREE Adoption Drive’s 2011 campaign, which centred around a simple yet mesmerising consumer experience on the Doggleganger website, drew 3.7 million visitors from 20 countries.

The experience came from a partnership with global technology and security solutions software developer, NEC which resulted in the creation of human to canine facial recognition and pairing software that is designed to connect homeless dogs to their human doubles.

 The software enables users to upload or take a photo, analyses their features with those of real homeless dogs around the country looking for adoption and finds their closest aesthetic match.

Because the NEC technology is used at Border Control for Anti Terrorism initiatives the matches generated are uncannily accurate and the experience on the site superb.

More than 1.5 million Doggelgangers were shared on social media platforms and  sister companies in the USA, UK, Germany, Brazil and South Africa have all requested Doggleganger for their 2012 PEDIGREE Adoption Drive.

And best of all adoptions for this year’s drive were up 112 percent from the previous year.