Farmlands 'Party of the Year'
Farmlands 'Party of the Year'
RSVP Customer Rentention Bronze, RSVP Sales Generation/Promotion Bronze, RSVP Craft Best Strategy Runner Up
Farmlands Trading Society
Entrant Credits
Amy Morrison, Drew Ayers, Ben Goodale, Tom Hewlett, Mari Pettersson
Nominee Credits
Allister Bathgate, Gavin Foulsham, Jess Strange
Entry Rationale

It was clear that the ‘same old same old’ promotion in this case would not achieve enough sales to support growth targets based on previous benchmarks; what’s more, Farmlands needed it to run for three months and had a modest budget.

Given this, we set out to create a difference sort of promotion which would drive a steep change in behaviour. Our key insights were that we usually had trouble engaging Farmlands branch staff in promotion use of the Farmlands Cards at other retailers (it wasn’t needed in Farmlands), and that rural folk have strong engagement with their local community. We harnessed these insights to create our campaign idea of ‘Win the Party of the Year’, which would be won by a local Farmlands branch and its customers – so harnessing the enthusiasm of both branch staff, and customers, and the community.

To headline this party, and to hero our direct marketing campaign, we were able to secure the Topp Twins – which proved a playful creative platform. We set about applying this to all communications. Part of our strategy was to extend our budget by leveraging existing Farmlands communications, to make the whole campaign feel bigger, especially given how long it had to run for.

The results were outstanding. On average shareholder spend was up 27% year on year, and we also reactivated 27% of the inactive base whose spend was up 700% over their previous behaviour. Branches embraced it big time, with 93% of them up 10%, 67% achieving growth of over 20% and the winning branch Dannevirke a whopping 33% increase. Sales RO was $241 for every $1 spent.