Farmers Club - More to Love
Farmers Club - More to Love
RSVP Customer Acquisition Gold, RSVP Customer Retention Bronze, RSVP Sales Generation/Promotion Bronze
justONE & .99 for Customer Acquistion
Farmers Trading Company
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Morrison, Drew Ayers, Mari Pettersson, Justin Biddle, Stacie Buswell, Justin Jones, Anna Danby, Allison Witherspoon, Alex Leece
Nominee Credits
Dean Cook, Grant Febery, Deb Summers, Elysia Mills
Entry Rationale

When a campaign’s objectives are blown totally out of the water, you know you must be doing something right. And that was the case for justONE and Farmers Trading Co as they set out to launch a major new loyalty programme built on the foundations of the successful Farmers Beauty Club.

Responding to the need to better understand customer behaviour, measure marketing spend and also take advantage of the opportunity to encourage deeper cross-store shopping, Farmers had decided to replace the Beauty Club with a new club – Farmers Club.

Underpinning the new club was reaching new members, those who had not taken up the Beauty Club option.

The launch of Farmers Club was all about freshness and developing a suite of benefits for customers was crucial. These included discounts, gifts and the chance to win prizes regularly.

For the launch Farmers had to migrate valued Beauty Club members to shop more widely in store and acquire new members. They set the target of getting 20 percent of active Beauty club members to shop within two weeks of receiving their new card and to acquire 100,000 new members in two months.

The results were overwhelming. Forty eight percent of active Beauty Club members, who receive a launch pack, shopped in the first two weeks and an astonishing 302,000 members signed up in the first two months, many of them in-store as staff bought into the new club.