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Cadbury Snowglobe
RSVP Customer Engagement Bronze
DDB Group RAPP Tribal NZ
Cadbury New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Greg Jones, Toby Talbot, Aaron Goldring, Dave Brady, Steve Kane, David Reid, Stephen Anderson, James Connor, Christie Cooper
Nominee Credits
Keryn Biffin, Amanda Christie
Entry Rationale

This is the story of how Cadbury Dairy Milk shared the joy of a white Christmas with Kiwis through a Giant Snow Globe, it reminded them just how good the brand could make them feel.

Despite torrential rain in the lead up to Christmas, 34,495 people queued for hours in the rain to get inside the Snow Globe, exceeding our target by 56.8%.
The experience was overwhelmingly positive with 71% enjoying it, 22% above NZ advertising norms.

But we weren’t content with a brief moment of engagement. By setting up hidden cameras to take photos of people’s real joy and handling out purple wristbands with the URL on, we had 26,527 unique visits over the 12 days of the event. With 49.58% of people typing in the URL directly, 13,152 uniques could definitely be attributed to the wristbands, meaning that at least 38% of people, who attended the event, also visited the website.

Importantly, the event turned around the negative sentiment and created positive brand advocacy. 59% felt more positive about Cadbury, 13% higher than NZ advertising norms. And it had a ripple effect of 9 fold; with more than 340,000 being aware of the Snow Globe despite a very minimal ATL spend.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Snow Globe shows how mass customer engagement and advocacy can be generated in a more powerful way than using traditional FMCG communication tools.