The judges read multiple entries in a session so make sure your entry is easy to read and understand.

  • Read the entry forms carefully and then read them again. 
  • Use short sentences or even bullet points to illustrate important points.
  • Make sure you explore all relevant factors that may have affected the success of the campaign – including market conditions, competitive environment etc. The judges will look for holes in your story or other reasons the campaign may have worked, other than the marketing/advertising.     
  • Make sure you have stated clear objectives and that they are measurable 
  • Make your results as detailed as possible. Show how the results relate back to the stated objectives (e.g. response rate, cost per acquisition, cost-per-lead decreased by $50 or 30%, etc.).
  • Make sure to include why these results are noteworthy for your industry and where they are not financial how the response measured relates back to the business benefit e.g. demonstrate how your campaign achieved incremental business over your targets or over normal trading conditions.
  • Wherever possible, put these results in the context of known or projected lifetime customer values.
  • Make sure you back up all your claims with evidence – data, research etc.
  • Proof read your entry thoroughly – spelling and grammar mistakes are very distracting for judges and if they don’t understand what you are trying to say you might be wasting your time.
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