Marks from a scale of 0 to 20 will be allocated to each entry based on each of the following criteria:

  • Relevance to category entered
  • Point of difference
  • Innovative / smart / clever / intelligent
  • Degree of difficulty /overcoming obstacles
  • Measurability / ROI


Outstanding 18 - 20
Very Good 14 - 17
Average 11 - 13
Below Average 8 - 10
Poor 0 – 7

Your guide to how to interpret the scoring scale:

• Outstanding:
The campaign overall has qualities which demand your attention – it might have elements of audacity, backed up by excellent results. Or it has remarkable degrees of difficulty which the creative or strategy made light work of. It solves marketing and response problems in ways that set new standards and/or raise the bar on existing conventions.

• Very Good:
These are the campaigns that typically have all of the elements working really well together – it’s seamless, aligned, and out-performs on all fronts. While it may not have the X-factor of an outstanding entry, this doesn’t detract from the overall qualities of great strategy, great creative and better than expected results.

• Average:
Good planning, well developed strategy and strong creative delivering good results – they are the campaigns that set, or even re-set the benchmarks for what’s expected – and are worthy of being judged as a finalist or better.

Entrants have been given the following guideline below when completing their entry form and have been asked to provide information based on the descriptions on the next page. Please judge each entry with this in mind.


Executive SummaryEntrants will summarise the information provided in sections 2 – 6 as to why they think this product, service or process is outstanding and worthy of recognition in the specific category.
BackgroundMarket/environmental conditions, current product, service or production issues, size of organisation (if relevant).
ObjectivesWhat the specific objectives of the project were.  Where possible, the measurability of the objectives should be stated, e.g. growth/financial/ time/resources
Innovative/Smart/ Clever/IntelligentGround-breaking, innovative elements that make the entry smart/ clever/ intelligent
Degree of Difficulty / Overcoming ObstaclesWhat specific obstacles or complexities needed to be overcome and was this achieved
Measurability/ROIWhat were the specific measurable results or return on the bottom line that met or exceeded the objectives.  Were there any unexpected results?
These results or return on the bottom line could include
- Effectiveness
- Efficiency
- Financial
- Positive Business Benefit.


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