How do I enter the NZ Direct Marketing Awards?
Click on the Enter Now button on the home page which will take you to our online entry portal page.  Please make sure you fill out all relevant sections.

Is there anything new about entering the NZDM Awards this year?
This year we have moved the entry process online. You will be submitting your entry and uploading your creative to support your entry via our online portal.  This allows you to upload documentation as you go and work on your entry in multiple stages and review it before submitting it.

All the information about how to complete an entry can be found under the ‘Important Awards Information Section’ on the left-hand side of the online portal once you login.

For all Craft entries in the past you have been required to include the Industry and/or Channel entry number on your entry so we can include these forms as part of your craft entry for judging.  This year these questions have now been included in the Craft entry form at the beginning along with the specific entry question you need to complete for your Craft category.

What is the awards deadline?
The call for entries deadline is Friday 13 October 2017 at 5pm, however we have an extended ‘late entries’ deadline of Friday 20 October 2017 at 5pm at an additional cost of $150 + GST per entry.

What is the qualification period?

Industry, Channel, Craft and Nexus Awards
• Entries must have been created, used or appeared in New Zealand during the period 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017.
• The campaign may run outside of the qualification period but must at least run at some stage during the qualification period.
• Work originating from an overseas campaign is ineligible.
• Entries submitted into previous NZDM Awards are not eligible for entry into the 2017 NZDM Awards unless being entered in the Best Loyalty Programme - Channel category.
• Work done by or for the Marketing Association is also not eligible.

Direct Marketer of the Year Award

• Recognises individuals who have celebrated, advocated, or otherwise advanced the use of direct marketing within their organisation and/or wider industry, with an emphasis on achievements in the past 12 months.

The Keith Norris Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year Award
• Celebrates organisations that have achieved success by using direct marketing techniques to drive ROI for the business, with an emphasis on achievements in the past 12 months.

How much does it cost to enter the awards?
All the information regarding entry costs can be found on the payment information tab within the entry portal.

Entry Fees

• First 5 Categories: $395 +GST per entry
• 6 or more Categories: $300 +GST per entry
• Special Awards: $195 +GST per entry
• Late Fee: $150 +GST per entry (late fee applies after 5pm 13 October 2017 until absolute deadline of 5pm 20 October 2017)
• MA Non-Member Entry Fee: $200+GST flat rate

After the call for entries close the MA team will raise all the invoices.  This will include all multiple entries discounts and late fees that may apply.  MA Members have the option to pay on account or credit card.
Please note: Each category you enter is classed as a separate entry.

What's the difference between the Industry, Channel, Craft and Nexus Awards?
Each Award recognises a different area of Direct Marketing. The Industry Sector Awards allows campaigns to be judged fairly alongside others in their particular sector. Channel Awards recognises how you can use different channels to engage audiences. Nexus Awards celebrate the tools that form the basis of a successful response driven campaign and Craft Awards celebrate the 'art' of the individual elements within response marketing campaigns. Find out about more about the different awards and why you should enter here.

Is there any special entry requirements I need to be aware of to enter the Special awards?
Nominees for Direct Marketer of the Year and The Keith Norris Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year need to be available for an interview with the judges on the following days:

Direct Marketer of the Year – 5 December 2017
The Keith Norris Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year – 6 December 2017

The MA team will liaise directly with the nominees for timings and details.

How many awards can I enter for each campaign?
You can enter the same campaign into only one Industry Sector, but as many Channel, Craft and Nexus categories as you like. You can only enter Craft if you have also entered the same campaign into a Channel and/or Industry Sector Award.

Why do I need to have entered Industry and/or Channel to be able to enter Craft?
The NZ Direct Marketing Awards celebrate effective campaigns, and therefore effective creative, so the main award categories are judged on how successful they were in driving response. You can enter a campaign into Craft categories but the campaign must also be entered into Industry Sector or Channel.

What happens if I start an entry online but then I decide I don’t want to enter it in this year’s awards? Do I still have to submit it?
Don't worry, only entries that you actively click the submit entry button on will be received by the Marketing Association and included for judging (and charged). If you don't want to submit an entry, just don't!

Can I edit my entry/credits after I’ve submitted my entry?
There are no changes to admissions after you have entered, however should you have any concerns or questions regarding this please contact the Events team at the Marketing Association via email at events@marketing.org.nz.

How do I cancel an entry I have started building?
You do not need to cancel an entry, just don't click the submit button on this entry.  Only entries that have been submitted will be entered into the NZDM awards. Alternatively, you can just click the box for the entry you wish to be deleted and click the delete button for you to remove it completely from your list.

Do I need to provide creative material as part of my entry?
You only need to supply creative material for Industry Sector, Channel or Craft Award entries. This must be uploaded via the ‘Support Material’ tab under each entry form.  All the information about which material can be supplied and in what formats can be found under this tab too or under the ‘Support Material’ section found under the ‘Important Awards Information’ section on the left hand side of the online portal.

What do I do if I have confidential information in my entry form?
Please bold any confidential information contained within your entry.

In the event your entry becomes a finalist and/or winner we reserve the right to use any information that is not emboldened in the profiling of the entry online, in print and/or on the AV on awards night.

Please mark up and confidential information in your supporting material.

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